New Year, Better Me

I am one of those crazy people who set for myself a few resolutions every year. Nothing big, I learned a long time ago to set small goals that are possible and measurable or I will give up on them. For instance, we all know I am not going to work out an hour everyday.... Continue Reading →


Ever met those people that just seem to shine?? They have a glow and it makes you want to be more like them? It is easy to focus on how shiny they are and how dull we feel. We all go through seasons and sometimes we don't feel very sparkly. It is kind of like... Continue Reading →

No Time To Whine!

I don't know about you, but I want to be successful, I consider myself a go getter and want to accomplish as much as I can while having a great influence on others. But let's be honest, there is certainly a price to pay to go from dreaming about that to achieving that!! There are... Continue Reading →

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