Apples to Apples

  We are all taught not to compare apples to oranges so we start comparing apples to apples. However, the comparison trap is never good even when it is apples to apples. Sadly, it is a trap that a lot of us fall in to! Comparison can lead to 2 things... 1) Feeling not as... Continue Reading →

Iron Sharpens Iron

My husband and I will be celebrating 15 years of marriage in May! It is unbelievable really, when I think about it.  Last night I was thinking about how much I really enjoy being married.  We got married pretty young, which truthfully I wouldn't advise... but it did work for us. I know we are... Continue Reading →


This word gets thrown around in the leadership world a lot. We drill it, others drill it to us. It becomes a word that we ignore and sometimes even resent.  We claim to understand what it means, however I think if we really did we would embrace it a little more rather than role our... Continue Reading →


      Romans 8:28 is my absolute favorite scripture! Anytime anything happens in my life that I don't understand I hold on to and believe this verse! I also believe that there is power in believing it!! Most everyone knows the health issues that I have had over the past year and half.  10... Continue Reading →

Day 2 Giveaway!

"But the truth is, God wants more for us. Happiness is just a cheap imitation.  God wants something so much greater than the fleeting and shallow feelings of happiness based on current circumstances; something beyond our imagination; something that is deeper, lasting and real.  He wants us to have absolute joy." - Ed Young, "Outrageous... Continue Reading →

3 Day Giveaway!!

I love to give stuff away, so on my blog for 3 days I am going to be giving something away!! Today the giveaway is a book titled, "Margin" by Richard A. Swenson.  I love this book!! You can't give what you don't have and too many of us end up completely depleted by the... Continue Reading →


Growth, something that is talked about a lot in Christian circles. We even call our Wednesday night gatherings at Oasis, GROW. I personally believe that if you aren't growing, there is no where that you are going. Growth means the process of increasing in physical size, maturation; development.  We all need to grow in every... Continue Reading →

Never Enough

Have you ever woke up and thought, "Man, that was not enough sleep!"? I have, many times! Another thought we have a lot is," I just don't have enough time."  We use these phrases all of the time and never truly think about what it is exactly we are saying.  Before we get out of... Continue Reading →

Remember to Breathe… You need Air!

Breathing usually comes naturally, we don't have to think about it. Our bodies need oxygen so we breathe in, breathe out.  But how many of us actually take breaths.. You know, actually pause and take a deep breath.  Most of us stay so busy that we forget we need air.  We stay so confined and... Continue Reading →

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