About Toni

I have been on a journey for quite some time trying to discover who I really am! I have just recently learned that it is quite possibly more about the journey than the destination! My husband and I planted Oasis.Church in 2009 and I currently serve as the Executive Director there.

I was caught up in being busy all of the time for the sake of busyness and trying to prove how capable I was. My identity became about proving who I could be instead of simply being. I am learning to embrace the person that God made me to be and live more simply. I am on my way to a more meaningful and soulful life.

The shocking part is that I have been a Pastor’s wife for 15 years! Yep, it took me a while to start figuring things out and trust me,  I still don’t have it even close to being all together. Truthfully, for years I lived trying to be what everyone else thought I should; which led me to being exhausted, burned out, and just miserable.

Writing has helped me experience the journey of really living out my life. I love to write and read ( I am such a bookworm) because words matter. I want my words to make a difference. Words have the power to encourage, change, sustain, and grow us. They also have the power to make us laugh, cry and feel all of the wonderful range of emotions God gave us to enhance life. I also have a passion to speak those same messages!

I love home: I am a that girl. I love to cook and gather people around the table. I adore my my little family that consists of my husband of 17 years and my 14 year old son. My absolute favorite roles in life are being a wife and mom!  I want our home to be a warm, safe and sacred place. I hope after spending time at our home people leave feeling better than they did when they arrived. I love walks to the pond and lazy afternoons under my favorite tree. I enjoy the simple things in life like making French Press coffee and the sound of the ocean.  Our little area of the Gulf Coast is like taking a step back in time. We live in a little seaside city that is full of art, fishing, food, and friends that are like family.

I love Jesus! Above all, I want to please Him! I want Him to be proud of me. I can feel His love for me even though I will never fully understand it. Even in the middle of my messes and heartbreaks, He is always there!!  He gave up everything on the cross for me and for you.

A few more things I love: Painting – you can find some of my art on this website. I love to repurpose furniture and make things lovely. I love music and play the bass. Daisy and I enjoy driving with the tops off. (Daisy is my Jeep) Fall is my favorite. Coffee is required. Breakfast is a must!  I will always choose to eat cake! I love all things Oasis.Church and Sisterhood!! 

I hope you will join me on this journey of loving and living life!



i-am-a-compel-memer.png         compel-level-201-1.png



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