Getting Ready for Back to School



Getting ready to go back to school this year looks a lot different from the past years!! For some moms it is having to worry about masks, for some it is setting up virtual learning and for some it means a first year at homeschooling. For me, it is my last year of back to school. My son is almost 18 and going in to his senior year. It is making me nostalgic, a little sad and most of all proud.

Sometimes, organization and routines get a bad rep. They get labeled as predictable and boring. But, I disagree. Routines and organization have always given me the freedom and margin I need for creativity. Also, the proof is in the pudding and so far the young man I have raised has been easy and is pretty responsible. I think kids thrive when their lives have some sort of routine and organization. No matter what your school year is going to look like, a little organization and a few routines can go a long way!

I always loved back to school time because it was the time I used to help my son clean out and organize his room. I am also a sucker for school supply shopping, I don’t get to do it anymore but I LOVED it. Slightly weird, I know.

Before the shopping began, we cleaned out!! We went through every drawer in his room and his entire closet. If didn’t fit, it went to a donate box. If it was too worn out, it went to a trash box. Usually this didn’t leave us with a lot because of how much he grew each year. But, this let me know exactly what we needed. Then we shopped.

When he was young, I had one of those organizers hanging in his closet that had a slot for each day of the week. Sunday afternoon I would load it up. Now of course he does his own thing – including his laundry. I looked for ways I could make mornings smooth and it worked. For years, our mornings have been great. I think teaching kids young some routines help them develop their own healthy routines.

Ethan has been setting his own alarm and getting up on his own since he was in 2nd grade. I have never had an issue having to get him up or him being ready on time. In fact, Ethan is usually never late.

Back to school mornings don’t have to be horrible. A little organizing, some routines and putting more responsibility on your child each year will make a huge difference.

So, whatever your back to school year looks like.. enjoy it! You’ll be getting ready for senior year before you know and you will be missing those school supplies.

What are some ways you get ready for a new school year?

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