Evening Routine

Since COVID19 hit, our evenings have become a bit more routine. Still, not all afternoons are the same but this is basically how it goes.

  • By 4, everyone is usually home. We all catch up with each other and take a few minutes to settle in. I usually read, Eric and Ethan usually play Playstation, watch ESPN or Eric plays Angry Birds – I can’t believe he still plays that. 🙂
  • I try to start dinner between 5 and 6. We usually only order take-out on Friday nights. I have a few tips to make meal planning easier, which I will write about later!
  • If there is not a major sporting event on, we eat dinner at the kitchen table. My boys  love sports and there are quite a few events I enjoy watching as well. I have always tried to make it a point to have dinner at the kitchen table, and it is still something I LOVE!
  • Everyone helps clean up the kitchen.
  • Eric and I take our golden retriever outside, we walk down to the pond and feed the fish.
  • At 8, we watch show. Right now we are watching Queen Victoria. I LOVE historically based shows.
  • AT 9, I turn on the dishwasher and re-wipe down the counters one more time. I put the dirty dishtowels and rags in the dirty clothes and put a new set out.
  • Eric gets his vitamins and a breakfast bar out and sets them at his morning spot at the kitchen table.
  • I try to take a bath every night. It helps me unwind and I sleep much better.
  • I wash my face!!!!! Ok.. ladies, this is for you!!! Wash your face!! Even if you don’t do the whole skin care route, at least remove your make up and moisturize your face. Sleeping with make up on really ages you! As I have gotten older I have added a few products to my skincare routine but the main thing is WASH AND MOISTURIZE!
  • Brush and Floss = I feel it should be implied, but needed to be said.
  • I turn on the diffuser in my bedroom, usually with lavender oil.
  • My new favorite thing: my silk pillowcase. It is much better on my hair and skin!


These things all help me take better care of myself and get me ready for the next day. I don’t like getting up the next morning with things being out of sorts. It doesn’t start my day off the way I want it to. I wasn’t always like this about my routines but learned over the years that this is what works the best for me. It is amazing how being disciplined with a few things can leave more margin and peace!!

What are some of your evening routines??

4 thoughts

  1. Because of my work schedule a routine hasn’t been easily established but I always wash my face and treat my skin well. If I even try to sleep without doing that I have to get back up. My only other consistency is doing my best to go to sleep with the word if God even if I have to listen.

  2. Wow! Love your family’s routine.
    Ray & I rarely go anywhere during the week since we’re both working M-F. He gets off an hour before me, so when I arrive from work, I like to wash up and begin cooking. If I sit down after getting off, my body goes in a “shut down” mode.😂
    Therefore, I take care of the cooking and cleaning right after entering the front door.
    Next, Ray and I would eat and watch a movie or catch up on the news. ( I’m not really a news person because it can be so depressing at times)

    We are showered and in bed no later than 8.
    (Watching TV until we fall asleep)

    Saturdays is our time to adventure out. We’re up early and gone most of the day.

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