Morning Routine

Though I don’t speak much till after my first cup of coffee, I actually LOVE mornings. It has taken me a long time to develop a routine that I like and that makes me feel productive. If I am not careful, I can scroll though FB for way too long and get behind.

So here is my routine:

-Eric makes the coffee and lets the dog out. So, I get up, pour a cup of coffee and sit down with the paper or a magazine – for about 10 minutes.

– Eric prays with me, then he heads out. I do my devotion, pray and then I put on a load of laundry.

-I put Sophie up and let Jack out.

– I fix something quick for breakfast on weekdays. ( I am still a huge fan of frosted mini wheats). On Fridays and Saturdays I cook a real breakfast.

-I empty my dishwasher.

– I light the candle at my desk. Check my planner. Check my emails. Plan my day.

– Make up my bed.

– Head to the shower and get ready!

I am curious, what is your morning routine?



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