I love Christmas! I truly think it is the most wonderful time of the year. But let’s be honest, it is also the craziest time of the year! We get busy planning, buying ,wrapping, decorating, going to parties, sending cards and sometimes it all just gets out of hand. 

It seems tensions are higher during the Christmas season. People get offended more easily. Things that usually don’t go wrong, go wrong. Depression increases during this time of the year. Anxiety is off the charts. People get mean and cranky.  It can feel like everyone is out to get you! Just us? 

I think it is not by accident. This time of the year is the time we are celebrating the birth of our Savior! So much attention is drawn to Christ and the enemy hates it. Of course he is trying to stir up hate, discord, discontent, anger, depression and anything else he can use to take our focus off of what matters.. JESUS!!

So, why do I think it is the most wonderful time of the year? It is because I choose to BELIEVE it is the most wonderful time of the year and I do everything in my power to make it the most wonderful time of the year!! 

So.. to get you in the mood to “believe”, here are a few things I do that you may want to try!! 

  • Decorate!!! I love to fill my home with the sights and sounds of Christmas! 
  • Do a Christmas Devotional!! I love “Jesus Calling for Christmas” by Sarah Young
  • Play Christmas music. 
  • Drive around and look at Christmas lights.
  • Talk about Jesus!
  • Drink hot chocolate.
  • Invite someone to your home and gather around your table for a meal. 
  • Do an advent calendar! This year I bought a wooden one with little drawers and plan to put something different in it each day. 

I hope some of these things help you get in the mood to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and to show the love of Him to others! 

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