The Best Compliment I Have EVER Received…

I love to preach and teach the Word of God!! It is life-changing for me and I know it can be for others too!! For years, I worried so much about how I delivered the message; my posture, my dialect and my Mississippi Girl accent.  I wanted to make sure the content was good and people got something out of it! Some of you super spiritual people may not of ever struggled with wanting to be good at something and letting that hinder the gift God had given you, but I sure did!

One day, God let me in on a little secret.. I wasn’t perfect and I never would be. But, He called me and I needed to just be me! It was kind of scary to be honest, but I trusted Him and really tried to just let go a little more. I don’t always succeed at that, but I am trying! For years my prayer has been, “Just let them see you Jesus.’ If I mess up, if I bomb it – it is ok because it is not about me anyway. In fact, people relate more with my goof ups and authenticity than my attempt at a perfectly polished message.

The last time I spoke, a mom and her beautiful little girl came up to me after church. The mom was telling me that she was a single mom and she struggled to get to church that night. But, she pushed through and made it. Her daughter had really wanted to stay with her in “big church” so she let her. At the end of the experience her daughter had handed her an “I Have Decided” card. These are the cards people fill out if they have given their lives to Jesus at that time. The little girl had filled it out and checked “I have decided to follow Jesus.” On the back of the card she wrote, “I love Church”. Now, that would have been enough for me. I felt like I had just won the “This is what it is all about” jackpot. But, it didn’t end there. Her mom then told me that the little girl told her, “Mom, I want to love Jesus as much as that lady.” Cue water works, I was done!

I can not tell you the impact that has had on me. This child could see that I loved Jesus. I felt like God himself had bent down and wrapped His arms around me.

It is not about how much we know, how well we speak, how we look, how many years we went to school, what kind of degree we have, how many languages we can speak, what kind of house we live in, where we attended school, how long we have been doing what we do or any of the other things we try to put ahead of just loving Jesus and loving people.

That is it, that is what it is about – LOVE JESUS AND LOVE PEOPLE. There is no greater compliment than someone being able to see the love you have for Christ. I pray that you and I never forget that. I pray that we quit striving so hard and let Jesus carry our burdens. I pray that we quit worrying so much about what others think and just try to please Him. I pray that we all realize He has a plan and a purpose for us. I pray we love Him with everything in us and we love the people that He puts in our path.

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