You May Think I Cheated…

I have been instagramming some delicious meals lately that are homemade!! I mean they are beautiful, yummy, fresh and organic! What? Is this to tell you how amazing I am. Of course not, this is to tell you how I cheat!

You see I am a working girl, which I love. We are an extremely busy family; especially during football season. We are usually only home 2 to 3 nights a week. Family dinners are very important to me! Like, one of my most treasured things. So, I want to capitalize on those nights and provide my family with a Martha Stewart meets Paula Deen meets Racheal Ray wonderful family experience. Now, let me be clear.. this girl can cook. I mean, I really can. I even had a local cooking show once. But, what this girl can not seem to get it together and do anymore is plan what to have, make a list, grocery shop and still feel all Paula Deeny. So, I do what some of you may call cheating.

I call it making a way, admitting I can’t do it all, being ok with finding ways to make my priorities happen that are a little out of the box. First, let me be clear, this is not an advertisement, this is just something I love. There are lot of companies that do this, this just happens to be my current favorite.

I order meal kits from WHAT???? I can feel the glare at the computer and the judgment right now. Yes, it costs a little more money than the grocery store. But, it saves me time, brain power, energy, gas money and waste!! Seriously, the no waste thing is amazing. You get just the ingredients you need so you don’t have to clean out your fridge like hardly ever. No cartons of chicken stock that smells and has chunks. No produce that stinks and gets the bottom of your fridge drawer sticky nasty. What a WIN!!! So for me, even though you may see it as cheating; I see it as winning!! I still have to prep and cook it, which I enjoy so it is another WIN! The meals come with the handy dandy giant card that you see in the picture. So, I don’t really even have to think.  I turn on some music and just start doing what the card tells me!!

I have figured out a way to get what I want done and not be so stressed. Plus some of this stuff is stuff I would have never thought of cooking but it is so good!! Another WIN.

Sometimes, we need help. Help comes in all different ways. Sometimes, we have to admit that we can’t always have and do all of the things we want. We have limitations. We just have to learn to accept the help that is out there. Let your husband help fold the towels if he offers, even if you know it want be done the way you like it. Let your in laws help watch the kids if they offer, all of the candy they give them won’t kill them. Whatever you need help with, don’t be afraid to get it in order to accomplish the things that are priorities for you in this season of your life.


And if you want to take a look at, I won’t tell that you cheated!

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  1. Thanks so much.Sitting here now working on a simplicity plan because I’m in the beginning of my norms for the year where school feel like it began six months ago. 😄Being a wife,mother, and woman of purpose I’m in need of this. Cooking is my favorite as well and anyone who truly knows me, knows how important my husband and children are to me. I will be utilizing this site.Thanks again!

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