5 Ways to Get Your Hopes Up!

Sometimes, we are so afraid of getting let down that we never get our hopes up about anything. We always expect the worst and live in a cycle of negative thoughts. It is true that sometimes things don’t turn out exactly like we want them too, but getting our hopes up is about putting our hope in Jesus. Our circumstances shouldn’t control our hopes. Our relationship with Jesus should!

Maybe you have found yourself without a passion for life, you don’t feel energetic anymore and you know you have lost your hope. Here are some quick ways to get your hopes up!

  1. BELIEVE – Believe and trust that God can supernaturally provide for you. After all, we are called to be believers… not doubters!!
  2. PRAY – We must spend time dumping our junk like David did in Psalms so that we can gain a better perspective.  Sometimes our greatest frustrations in life are simply because we put too many expectations on others to fill only the things that God can.
  3. FOCUS – What we focus on is what we see.  Our thoughts work a lot like when we take a picture.  We focus in on one thing and the rest becomes blurry. Instead of seeing what you have lost, focus on what you have left! Too often we miss what we have right in front of us because our focus is on what we have lost, what has left us or what is in the past.
  4. EXPECT – Expect good things from God. He is not a genie to give a wish list too, but He truly loves you and wants the best for you. Trust that He knows what is best is for you and learn to trust Him!
  5. BOUNCE BACK – We have to learn how to bounce back. Things are going to happen, life is going to get messy and things won’t always work out like we want. But, unexpected challenges and frustrations should not steal your joy!! The disappointments of one day should not undermine your hope for tomorrow. Peace is not the absence of trouble but the presence of Jesus. Learn to let things go and move on more quickly!! Get your bounce back going!

(Psalm 39:7 ) “And so, Lord, where do I put my hope?  My only hope is in You.”

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