Is Re-gifting Ok?

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Let me first confess, just a few years ago I would of given you a hard core “NO, re-gifting is not ok.” However, after many bath products, kitchen items, and other things that I didn’t like or already had one of just sat around till it was deemed enough time had passed to throw them out, I decided re-gifting is better than wasting.

I think it is ok to regift when you don’t like a gift you received and you know you will never use it or you already have one of a gift you received. In our current culture, let’s face it – we have a surplus of stuff anyway!!

A few things it is not ok to regift!

  • It is not ok to regift things that are sentimental gifts (like that collector’s item that has been in your family for 10 generations or Grandma’s coo-coo clock).
  • Anything that is personalized. Be sure there are no monograms or any other type of personalization.
  • Don’t give away something from meaningful people. Re-gifitng something you got from your elderly grandfather is just not nice. He may not be around many more Christmases.
  • Don’t re-gfit handmade gifts.


Now, here are a few re-gifting rules:

  1. Re-Wrap it and be sure you take the original name tag off.
  2. Don’t re-gift it in the same circle of friends. Awkward!
  3. Be sure to give it to someone who will really appreciate it.
  4. Don’t give it back to the person who originally got it for you. (It happens)
  5. Re-gifting should not be your main way to give Christmas presents. That is just tacky. Remember it is only if you know someone will LOVE what you are giving them.
  6. Don’t re-gift things of no value. No one wants your soap on a rope.
  7. If you get busted, just be honest.


I have been in some circles where everyone gets each other something just to say they did. No thought goes into the gift and it all can mostly be classified as “junk” or “unwanted” items. If you find yourself in this situation, maybe you should consider getting that squad together and changing things up.Try something like drawing names and everyone gets 1 person something, play Dirty Santa, or don’t give gifts and get together to donate to a charity. It is not like we all don’t have enough stuff. Let’s make it meaningful one way or another.

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