Conviction; a word we hear a lot in the church world. However, it is not just some religious word. Conviction actually means a fixed or firm belief.

It is not just a belief, but a fixed or firm belief. It is something we strongly believe that can not easily be swayed or changed. To live with conviction means that we live in accordance with our strong beliefs.

Convictions can be good or evil. Some of the people that started the biggest movements in the world were not necessarily the smartest, wealthiest, highest educated or even most popular. They just had very strong convictions. Think about Lincoln, Martin Luther, Ghandi, Mother Theresa and even… Hitler. Whoa, that is scary! Think about believing in something so strongly that you cause mass destruction. Conviction is powerful.

I believe the old saying, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” However, I don’t believe we need to stand for everything all of the time.

Have you ever caught yourself trying to convince someone of something? Boy, I have! I can remember being in a conversation once that I had strong convictions about. I was stating my case, presenting the facts, passionate, excited, and I had the experience to back up my stance. At some point towards the end of the conversation I kind of cracked myself up. I mean, the best cookware brand is kind of a weak issue to be so intense about. It is no secret that I am a bit of a cookware snob. Even though I own several different kinds, nothing holds a candle to my red Le’Crueset. However, the world will not be changed by converting everyone over to using Le’Crueset.

It is ok to have strong convictions about weak issues like cookware, hairstyles, football teams, wall colors and so on. The problem is that we tend to have weak convictions about strong issues.

What is our stance on the truth of God’s Word, church, right verses wrong, and other things that could be deemed politically incorrect?

We will fight and argue over the silliest things but we become silent when it is time to stand up for what is right. To live by convictions would be to stand up for our firm beliefs, not just the weak issues but the strong ones as well. Maybe we should also think about toning down our strong convictions about weak issues so we can be taken more seriously when it really matters. (Just a thought!) Everyone has the right to their opinion, but everyone else has the right not to listen. 😉

In a world where someone changes what they believe all of the time because of the way they feel, I hope that I always have enough faith and strength to hold tight to what God says; no matter how I feel. I want to be a woman that God can trust with His treasures because He knows I am not going to be swayed by my feelings or the opinions of man. I still struggle with being a people pleaser but I want to only be a God pleaser! I want the convictions I live by to be a part of God’s plan; not the enemy’s or even my own selfish plans.


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