5 Fav Small Gift Ideas

image1 2.JPG


I love giving gifts!!! Sometimes it is the small gifts that are the hardest to pick out for someone else. Here are a few of my favorite small gifts to give because I love them so much!! Click on any of them to be taken to them!

Vaseline Pink Bubbly Lip Therapy. I totally love this stuff!!!


L’Occitane Roses Hand Cream – A must have in the winter! They have several smells, this one is just my favorite.



Le’Creuset Mugs : It is true that I am slightly obsessed with all things Red Le’Creuset, but these mugs do make coffee better. 😉



Kate Spade Small Notebooks – I always keep little notebooks in my bag. I jot down thoughts, words I like and may use in a future blog, dinner ideas, etc. These are super cute!


Monogram Tassel Keychain : Every southern girl needs a monogrammed keychain. I love this one with the tassel on it!


Hope this helps your Christmas shopping!!! I would love to hear some of your small gift ideas! Comment below and let me know some of your favorite gifts!


  1. I was in Cracker Barrel with my Momma and a sweet lady approach us with some goats milk hand cream!! It’s awesome! There’re are several scents aswell! I went back later and purchased some as stocking stuffers! I love your ideas aswell💞


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