Be Blessed and Be a Blessing

The Holiday season is upon us!! This is truly my favorite time of the year! However, I know that for some people it ends up being the most stressful time of the year. There are presents to buy, meals to plan, families to visit, guest rooms to clean and many more things to accomplish. To stay in the right frame of my mind, I try to start preparing my heart as early as I can. I LOVE the holidays and I want everyone else to love them as much as I do. However, some people are determined to have a miserable time no matter what. Can I get an Amen on that one? I know someone just popped in your head! It is ok, I won’t tell. So, I determined that no matter what, I will allow myself to enjoy the fact that I am one of God’s girls and I am blessed. Out of the overflow of being blessed, I will try my best to be a blessing.

I want my life to represent Thanksgiving.  I know that Christ died for me but I want to live in the reality that He is also here with me. I want my life to reflect a life of gratitude to Him by being a blessing to others. It sounds lovely, but it is much harder said than done. You know you are going to have that one in-law (because it is NEVER your family) act in a selfish way, say something condescending or just be ugly. We can’t control that. They may even act that way after you have determined in your heart to be a blessing to them. Try also determining that even if they won’t allow themselves to be blessed by you, you are still gonna be blessed and keep on blessing!!

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to set a table and invite God to transform the lives of all of those that gather at the table. I can set a table, but I can not force people to eat. I have to remember to keep the heart of a servant, not the mind of a master. I can’t force, control, or change people. I can only love, serve and provide an atmosphere of grace that they can partake of or not.

No matter what happens this year, the Camps will have wonderful Thanksgiving. We will be surrounded by food that will bring us comfort, family that will make us laugh, lights and smells that will touch our soul and the God of the universe amongst us.

You could even start practicing now. Open your heart and home: invite someone to dinner so that you can be blessed and be a blessing.

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings. William Arthur Ward



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