Marriage Monday:10 Ways to Show the Love

If you love someone but they don’t know it, what good is it? In our current culture the cool things to do are make people come to you, stand your ground, fight for your right, don’t ever give in and don’t ever forgive. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

Too many times we love our spouses, but we don’t love showing it. We assume that they should know we love them just because well… we are here aren’t we?! Not good enough.

As Christians especially, we are called to love better than that.  Marriage is the ultimate place to learn servanthood, if you can’t serve your spouse you have no business trying to serve anyone else. This relationship should take priority over every other earthly relationship you have or will ever have.

Stuck in a rut? Have no idea how to start acting out love? Here are a few tips to help you SHOW THE LOVE! Don’t leave your spouse hungry for love!!

“The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.” ~Mother Teresa

  1.  Greet your spouse in a loving way!! It doesn’t have to be some passionate full on kiss. But, a sweet “Good Morning”, a loving touch, a pleasant smile, a hug, greet them at the door when they arrive home, etc. Let your first interaction each time you meet be pleasant.
  2. Put down the phone. Spend time with your spouse without the phone!!! Making eye contact tells other people that they are important and you care about what they are saying!!!
  3. Celebrate your spouse! Too often we act like we are tolerating our spouses. I for one don’t want to be tolerated, I want to be celebrated. I want to know what my husband loves about me and that I am more special to him than anyone on the planet. Don’t wait on your spouse to do this, you start. If you think something good about them, say it!! Focus on the good things about them instead of the things that bother you. Trust me, you bother them too.
  4. Work on being in right relationship rather than being right. Sometimes we just have to let go of our need to be right. What does it matter if we are right but we end up with a hurt spouse and a bad day?
  5. LISTEN. I mean like without talking or without thinking of what you want to say. Just listen and be supportive. The best conversations have the best listeners. Ladies, DO NOT try to finish their sentences; even if you know what they want to say and they are taking forever to say it. Men, wait till she asks for your advice and if she doesn’t; just give her a hug and hush.
  6. Ladies, give him some space. If he needs a minute to unwind, let him have it. We should be safe places for our spouses to get what they need even if it is down time.
  7. Men, when she gets all dolled up for you, tell her she is beautiful. DO NOT ask her where she got the dress, shoes, or purse nor should you ask her how much it was.
  8. Cards, Flowers, Notes, Sweet Texts – Just do it. Ladies, men love to find those little notes as well.
  9. Time. Make time just for the two of you. It is not just something you should do, it is something you must do. Your spouse should be the most important person on earth to you and how you spend your time should reflect that.
  10. Pray. Really, really pray for your spouse.


Our marriages matter. Let’s treat them that way! Don’t just love someone, show them you love them everyday as often as possible!

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  1. Love this Toni💞 Marriage gets tuff especially if you’re sick alot like me! Jim and I decided a few weeks ago we’re going to make our marriage great again!!! 😂💝💞

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