Back to School

We have had an incredible summer!! When school ended this past spring,  I was determined to free my schedule and just enjoy the time that I was going to have with Ethan. He is 13 and I know there are not many more summers left where I will have him at home.

However, summer is almost over!! Two weeks to go and I will have a kid in 8th grade.  Even though I love the fun and lazy days of summer, I am looking forward to the routine that the school year brings. Each year I try to do better than the year before with keeping our home and family organized. I have figured out that as the mom and wife, I am able to set my husband and son up for success!

So, here are some things I will be doing… maybe this will help you!

1- The dreaded meal planning: So, I LOVE to cook but I HATE to grocery shop. Well, Wal-Mart,of all places, has solved this for me. They have this new thing where you can order online and go pick it up at the store. You pull into a designated parking spot and they bring the groceries out to you! All the moms with small kids probably just started crying in thanksgiving to God! This is awesome, but it requires me to be more planned out, which is a good thing. So now on Friday or Saturday I sit down with a few of my favorite cookbooks and pinterest to plan my meals for the week. I have come to enjoy it and it feels so good knowing what I will be doing for dinner the whole week. I even write down the meals in my Day Designer planner, which makes me feel even more accomplished! ( I have a slight obsession with planners and office supplies.)  We have a chalk board in our hallway when you enter our house from the garage; this is where my husband and son put down anything they notice we are out or just want so those things can be added to the order. BOOM!

2- I am helping my son clean out his room next week. Every drawer will be gone through and everything he can’t or doesn’t wear will be gotten rid of. We will organize the school clothes and make sure he starts the year out better than the last one ended. Side Note: Ethan is 13 and does his own laundry!

3-  We will be setting up house rules, homework rules and any other guidelines we will have this year. They will be clearly communicated to our son!

4- We will establish a morning routine. Ethan sets his own alarm and will be responsible for getting up and following the routine. I choose to still fix his breakfast because I enjoy our time in the morning at the breakfast table.

5- Dinnertime at the table will be non-negotiable, except for Wednesday nights. This is the time we will discuss our day and communicate as a family. NO PHONES ALLOWED.

6- For myself, i am trying to figure out what kind of workout or fitness routine to begin that I will actually follow through with.  Not having any luck yet!


These are just a few things we are doing to prep for a good school year. What are some things you are doing?? I would love to hear from you!!

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