This Could Be Your Moment

(Esther 4:14) “If you keep quiet at a time like this, deliverance and relief for the Jews will arise from some other place, but you and your relatives will die. Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?”

I love the story of Esther. It seems like a biblical fairytale, at least the way it is told around American Sunday school rooms.  All little girls love the idea of a regular person becoming Queen. We love to think about the beautiful castle that Esther got to live in, the way she could stand on a balcony and watch the sun begin to kiss the gardens below as it set.  We can imagine the sound of her footprints along the stone walkways and feel the beautiful material her dresses were made of. Let’s not forget the man, the King , falling in love with her.

We often forget of the harem of women down the hallway that didn’t quite make the cut. We forget Esther was hiding who she really was. We somehow leave out the part that she was in great danger most of the time. She was probably constantly concerned that she would be discovered, looking over her shoulder every few minutes wondering if someone knew about her.

Then the time came that she was made for. We like to think that the time that we are made for as our “big moment”. The minutes in life that we actually “made it”. In Esther’s story we would like to think of her crowning moment as the time she was made for. I can imagine the day of her wedding. People were bathing her, fixing her hair, putting her makeup on, dressing her and meeting her every need. I can imagine that the palace had a buzz of excitement and celebration as a royal wedding was about to be underway. I think the minute Esther walked in to the wedding ceremony and saw the King it took her breath away. I believe for a moment, she may have thought, “This is what I was made for.”

However, this was not the moment. This was the moment that would put her in the position she needed to be in save her people. These were the moments that King was falling in love with his queen. All of this was a set up.

Her real moment was scary. She had to speak up and reveal who she really was. She had to risk everything! To stand up and tell the truth would mean possible losing her marriage, her family and her very own life. Her “such a time as this” was not full of magical fairy dust and roses. It was a heart pounding, life threatening moment.

I live for those happy moments. The walks down to our pond, seeing my family all snuggled on the couch together, sunsets on our patio, days at the beach staring at the ocean, family dinners, sitting under my favorite tree and of course Disneyworld. But, these are not the moments that I was made for. They just prepare me for the moments I was  made for.

The moments I was made for are the hard ones. The ones I have to speak up when I don’t want to, I have to forgive even when I am still broken, I have to keep going, I have to risk it all, I have to speak the truth, I have to let go or I have to step up.

I want to encourage you today if you are in a place that seems hard or maybe even scary. Perhaps, this one of the times you were made for. You are much stronger than you know and God has been preparing you so you could handle this with His help. You are not alone. Reach out to Him. Pour your heart out to Him. Rely on His strength to get you through what He is asking you to do. Our crowning moments are just to put us in the position to do the right thing when the time comes. So, straighten your crown and do the right thing even if it is terrifying. This is your moment.


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