Don’t you just love HGTV? I mean it lets you see everything you do not have in your home that you would just love to have! Still, I love it and it helps me with the big plans I have for our little farmette!

Last week we took it to a whole different level. We were driving around looking at houses, just because, and saw an open house. Not like the front door was open so we let ourselves in; But like a new home that was staged well and the builder was showing it.

This thing was beautiful. I found myself noticing all of the wonderfully amazing things about it. It was “the perfect house”, know what I mean? Before long I was convincing myself of things I needed to redo in my house.. that we have only been living in a year and I got to remodel already.

I was thinking this morning about how when I was in the home looking, I didn’t notice anything wrong with it. Nothing at all. In my home, I notice everything wrong with it. Why do we do that?? When I started to sit down and think about it, there were actually a lot of things about my home that I like way better than that one. The main one being the layout. Also, that house was staged by a designer. No one was living there, there were no clothes, makeup, dirty football clothes, etc. It is easy to look at something staged and notice the good.

I don’t know about you, but I want to do better noticing the good, even when things are not staged.  Not just in my home, but everywhere I go. I want to be someone who points out the wonderful things about life and people not the pointer of flaws and issues. I know there is a time for that sometimes, but I don’t want it to be my everyday way of life.

I don’t want to take for granted something wonderful God is doing in my life because I am looking too closely at someone else’s.  I want to take what God has given me, make it the best I can, use it for God’s glory and help others do the same.

I challenge you to pay attention to what you point out, is it the good or the bad? Notice the good and bring attention to it. Also, realize a lot of things in life are stage to look good, but the reality may be far less appealing than you think!

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