The Table

So, I may post pictures of food on instagram a lot! But, I really do love to cook. There is something about knowing your way around a kitchen that brings comfort and healing. It turns into a gathering place. I don’t feel like I am just preparing food, I am also preparing for some of my favorite moments, the ones where I can feel God’s presence and feel like there is still goodness in the world. My favorite moments are at the table. It is not just about the food for me but about the time that we slow down, open our hearts to one another, listen to one another, make eye contact with one another and really connect.

I love being able to serve my friends and family with food that I have made by my own hand.  Sometimes it is just a normal family dinner, sometimes it is to celebrate a birthday or holiday, sometimes it is to just join together.  Cooking for me is not just about preparing the food that will nourish our bodies; but also preparing the table that will nourish our souls and our relationships.  Jesus did this a lot with his disciples. They would minister a lot during the day and then draw away at night to eat and celebrate together.

In today’s culture we don’t really value the table like we use to. In our fast paced culture we think it looks cool to be too busy to do anything but swing through a coffee shop. While I am all about coffee, it is not a food group. We barely know how to have meaningful one on one conversations with our family much less anyone else. I think we need to slow down and learn how to connect and celebrate again.

The next time you see food on my instagram, just know that the food is just the starting point! It is something tangible that I can offer to others because we are about to experience the table.

When was the last time you had a seat at a table where your body, soul and relationships were nourished?

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  1. I enjoyed that! Thanks for sharing. I agree with you we are moving so fast and in different directions. Having that time at the table with family is so important. You’re such a blessing! Sincerely, Linda Stone

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