Just to clear things up…

A few days ago I was talking to someone about church and they made the comment, “You love church because you are in ministry, it is your job.” That statement kind of threw me for a loop. I thought, “Man have I done a poor job at representing how I feel about church.”

So, let me clear the air here. I am in ministry because I LOVE church. Not the other way around!! The church changed my life, my husband’s life, our marriage and it continues to do that over and over again! That is why we are in ministry! I loved church as a kid, a teen, and now. The church is my family. I mean where else can you learn about Jesus, worship Him and talk to other moms about how to cure diaper rashes all at the same place?? Way before I knew what it meant to be “in ministry” I loved church!  Which, by the way, I believe that everyone that knows Jesus is “in ministry”. I don’t think you have to be called to church leadership as a full time vocation to be in ministry. In fact, sometimes I love the church more than I love being in full time ministry 😉

Here are a few more reasons I love the ministry and building God’s church!!

  1. I want to please God! – The Bible says that those that love God obey His commands. So for me, I want to help build His church. I have realized that all of my life that is what God has been calling me to do.
  2. I want to worship – I can worship all by myself, in fact I do it a lot. If you drive by my house you might catch me going past the window dancing while worshipping. Worshipping alone is great. I am too excited about what God has done for me not to worship Him. But, there is also something amazing that happens when we worship God together in His House. When a community of people come together in unity, it is powerful!
  3. I want to be more like Jesus – Jesus came to build His church, the Bible says that the gates of hell will not prevail against it. I want to build what Jesus wanted built.
  4. Destiny – I have found my destiny and purpose through church, I can at least help build His church so that others can come and discover their purpose through Christ also.
  5. We all need the presence of God – The Bible says where 2 or more are gathered in His name, He is there. I want to be where He is.
  6. I want to love people! – People matter to God. You will never lock eyes with someone that is not important to God. Therefore, people should be important to us as well!! Church is a place that we can come together and love other, no matter what season of life they are in!
  7. I am needed – God has gifted us all and He wants us to use those gifts in service of Him! When I am not contributing , there is something missing. When you are not contributing, there is something missing! You are important to what God is doing!
  8. I can change the world! – I might not be able to change the entire world, but when partnered with the church I can be a part of changing someone’s whole world! We can be a part of seeing life change happen, day by day and person by person!

There are many more reasons why I love the church!! Yes, I get to do this as my job and  it is a huge privilege! But, I would be loving and building the church no matter what!

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  1. Toni your words really are an inspiration to me because sometimes I feel people can see only what they want to! I truly love you and Pastor Eric and although Jim and I are unable to be there right now we do appreciate your messages. Please pray for Jim and for God to heal his broken back.God Bless!

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