I Can Control the Temperature

I hate to admit it, but sometimes I struggle with letting the moods of others affect me. Sometimes when people are in a great mood and pleasant to be around, I feel like I am in a pastry shop just trying to decide if I want red velvet cake or the chocolate mousse!  It is a good time! On the contrary, if I am around a bunch of melancholy people I feel like I am in the dental chair bracing myself for the drill. 

Sometimes I struggle with it more than other times. I know for sure I don’t want to be the girl that acts like a thermometer, just pointing out the moods of others and adjusting to it. I would prefer to be the girl that acts like a thermostat and changes the temperature to what I want it to be. Being a thermometer doesn’t require any physical, emotional or spiritual strength. I believe I am stronger than that! I believe you are also. 

Jesus certainly never adjusted to the room. When the disciples were panicking about the storm, he didn’t start freaking out also. When there was not enough food, he didn’t make a panic trip to the local fish taco stand. When everyone else was denying Him, He still willingly went to the cross for them. 

Our emotions shouldn’t be tied to those of everyone else. Even those that would come against us should not control our emotions. Jesus did not ever act like he just couldn’t believe the Pharisees didn’t believe in Him. He didn’t get offended because they did not recognize His sovereignty. He controlled how He felt. Those that get you all upset and defensive are controlling you. 

We can learn to quit giving control of our emotions over to others. First, by realizing you have the control and the ability to do it through the supernatural strength of the Holy Spirit. 

Second, realize that just because you control you, does not mean you can control everyone else. You can’t wait for everyone else to get their emotions straight and you certainly can not make them!

Third, You can focus on pleasing God more than you worry about offending others! 

[Proverbs 16:7]”When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him. “

Chase after what pleases God and become a change agent! One that can control the thermostat not just read the thermometer. You can control the temperature of your mood! 


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