Stinging Insects and our Father’s Voice

Today I am thinking about learning to trust the voice of the Father more!

I spent most of my adolescence growing up in North Carolina. We lived in the middle of a lot of acres of straight up woods!! I loved my time there. There were creeks to wade through, hills to sled down, woods to play pretend in for miles, horses to ride and cows to take care of. I wasn’t a straight up farm girl, but I sure wanted to be.

There were also lots of dangers! Snakes, wild animals  – including crazy trespassing hunters who would shoot towards your house and catch the woods on fire with your electric fence, but those stories are for another day!

One of the most memorable days I had on this land was one afternoon when my family, which consisted of my mom, dad and younger brother was cleaning up the woods around my house. Now, I was one of those kids who wanted everyone to think I was the perfect person. I wanted everyone to be proud of me. I was probably around 12 or 13 (I think) at this time. In trying to do my best, I was picking up HUGE logs and moving them. Well, to me they were huge. I certainly was not going to be girly and pick up the little twigs as to risk the chance of looking like I was trying to get out of work.

I pulled up one log and in an instant a huge black and yellow cloud of shear horror began to ascend towards me.  In a flash, I took off. My instinct was to run as fast and as far as  I could. This entire nest of yellow jackets were already on me. They were in my clothes, hair everywhere!!! I was heading straight for the creek. I think I thought if I could get in the water then I could drown them.  I was panicked and hurting! Yellow jackets don’t just sting once. They are mean, evil little insects and are able to keep on stinging. They will even burrow that little stinger up into your skin and keep jabbing.

Somewhere off in the distance I can remember hearing my dad. Even when I was standing next to him, I remember him saying “Don’t move”  – right before I took off. But, it sounded like he was so far away and I could barely here him over the roar of blood roaring through my veins and my heart beating so fast I felt like I was sitting on top of a dryer. I can remember hearing him call from far away “Stop, Be still”. I remember thinking this man has lost his mind!! At least I can get to the creek and drown these flying demons. Plus, why would he want me to stop and risk this cloud of black and yellow evildoers turning on him.  Eventually, I don’t know how because I am convinced I was running as fast as The Flash, my dad caught me. He brought me to a quick halt and began to beat the yellow jackets off of me. Some of them were burrowed so deep, he literally had to squish and kill them.

Did I mention that the creek was far away and if those things had not been killed before I actually reached it then it would have been a lot worse.

If I had listened to the voice of my dad from the beginning I am sure it would of turned out a lot differently. But, to stand still went against every instinct I had in me.

After a lot of Benadryl and ointments I turned out fine, well back to the way I was before the incident anyway. Do you know that no one else in my family got stung?? How crazy is that??

Anyway, isn’t that how we are with the heavenly Father? We hear Him in the distance giving us direction,guidance, trying to lead us but sometimes it seems to go against everything in our human nature.  So, eventually His voice gets lost in the hum of what we think is right.

Sometimes God just wants us to stand still. My dad wanted me to stop running so he could fight for me. Our heavenly Father wants to fight for us to0. He loves us and is always speaking to us. He doesn’t leave us to battle alone. He is not afraid of the enemy.  Even after we go our own way and do not heed His warning, He is still there. I am trying to learn to get closer to His voice. To tune in when I hear that gentle whisper that seems to be far away.  Even though I may not understand why He is telling me something,I want to TRUST that He knows best.  To understand that because I can be a mess and miss it that He is not going to leave me to get stung by the enemy, He is still going to come to my rescue. I may have a scar or two as a consequence but I still have a heavenly Father who doesn’t love me any less.

Let’s draw closer to the voice of the Father. Let’s learn His voice so well that we can drown out all of the other noises!


“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” ( John 10:27)

“And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.” ( Isaiah 30:21)

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  1. This is great, Toni! Since my earliest encounters with the Word the passage, ” Just stand still, the Lord will fight for you”, has been so powerful to me! Thanks for expressing your experience so well.

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