Don’t Hate

We hear that all of time now! We talk about our haters. My husband talks about people drinking hatorade! All of this is true, there are people who are going to be negative about you, especially if you are enjoying life!

However, there something about hate that really gets to me that is in the Bible…

“Here are six things God hates,
and one more that he loathes with a passion:
eyes that are arrogant,
a tongue that lies,
hands that murder the innocent,
a heart that hatches evil plots,
feet that race down a wicked track,
a mouth that lies under oath,
a troublemaker in the family”


[Proverbs 6:16-19  THE MSG]

Woah.. What??? Six things God hates and one He LOATHES with a passion!!!???

God Hates:

  1.  Eyes that are arrogant
  2. A tongue that lies
  3. Hands that murder innocent
  4. A heart that hatches evil plots
  5. Feet that race down a wicked track
  6. A mouth that lies under oath.

Thank goodness for grace! Hate sure is a strong word. Even though I know grace covers me, I certainly don’t want to do anything that is written out in the Word of God making it clear that He hates!!!!

And then the thing He loathes with a passion… A troublemaker in the family.

It is hurtful when people cause trouble. Any kind of trouble really, with their words or actions.  We can all think of time we have caused trouble in our family or another family member has. What about causing trouble in our church family? A trouble maker upsets people on earth and God in heaven. That is a lot trouble!  Trouble I don’t care to be in. I think avoiding things that God hates and loathes is worth taking the time to watch our mouths and actions. God loves His church, He loves families, He loves marriage. All of these things were by His design. Don’t hate, don’t be a troublemaker. Focus on your life and the wonderful things God has for you that do not include hate!


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  1. My devotional today started with 1Cor13:7. After reading it I was like you know what love conquers all. Its better to love than hate. I wish we can all love! Be blessed and as always continue to be a blessing to others. Love you!!!

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