Healthy Heart Check… 2

So, my last post was about things that may upset you if your heart was a little unhealthy. We all need a check up from time to time. I was reading the other day about when Jesus cleaned house in the temple. He got a little upset and a few tables got thrown. Being upset is obviously not necessarily a bad thing, it is why we are upset and what we do with it that could be unhealthy. So, here is your next challenge..

Here are a few things that might upset you if your heart is healthy…

1.  Wasting time: Ain’t nobody got time for that. If you are resting, rest.. but don’t waste.

2.  Letting others down, unintentionally. – Not because of wrong expectations on you but because its was something you should of done.

3.  Something not growing, healthy things grow.

4.  Negativity towards those in leadership, or anyone. 

5.  Totally missing something God was trying to show you.

6.  Someone wasting their potential. – You know they have way more potential!!

7.  People thinking your life is perfect just because you are happy with it. 

8.  Leaving things undone or unsaid that should be done or said. 

9.  Investing in someone but seeing no fruit from it. 

10.  Wanting to do more.

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