Unhealthy Heart Check


Leading others can be tough.. sometimes the hardest person for me to lead is myself!! Most of the time when I am struggling leading myself, it is because there is something going on that is unhealthy in my heart. I know that if any of these 10 things below are upsetting me, I need to ask God to search my heart!! Take the heart check yourself and see if any of these things are upsetting you!!

1.  God’s Timing – things just don’t seem to be happening when you wish they would!

2.  Truth –  You know it is true, but it still ticks you off.

3.  People trying to help you – You just wish they would hush and leave you alone.

4.  Correction – Who does anyone think they are trying to tell you anything!

5.  Being asked to anything – Can’t they see how busy you are , how dare they ask you to do that!

6.  Seeing the success of others – Somehow you think the success of others takes away from your success!  You would just like to prove to everyone that those successful people are not all that like everyone thinks they are.

7.  Your opinion vs. wise counsel – You know that person speaks wisdom but you are entitled to your opinion and don’t want to hear anymore than that!

8.  Anyone with authority – Only have issues with certain people, they all just happen to have authority.

9.  Conviction – Staying away from the Word, Church or actual prayer because you know the Holy Spirit is convicting you and it is irritating you. You just want to continue with an unhealthy heart for a minute longer.

10.  Your plan vs God’s plan – Not what you wanted, not with who you wanted, not as good as everyone else has it.

(Proverbs 4:23) “Guard your heart above all else,
for it determines the course of your life.”

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