Rise Above

My dad is a pilot. He loves to fly.. well, that is probably an understatement. He is passionate about it! Because of his passion, I have been educated about things way over my head concerning aviation. It is ok with me though, I love it when people are passionate about things. However, I have actually learned a thing or two. One of the things I picked up is how an airplane can fly above a storm and not be affected by the storm. If there is a storm between my and my destination, it won’t stop my flight. I can take off, reach an altitude above the storm and be on my way.

Well, the past few weeks have been crazy for my family and I! We  are currently moving to a new house which is an array of excitement, exhaustion, sentimental moments, hard work, unexpected expenses, and many other emotions. If you have ever moved then you know how that goes. On top of that, we still have ministry happening, people to love on, air conditioners at church breaking down, water lines at church busting, lots of drama, rumors, backstabbing, and on on. You know, a typical week in the life of a pastor. To say it has been a little stormy the last few weeks would by putting it nicely.  Not to mention we were not able to go to the ARC Conference because of our move! We are trying not be jealous of all of our pastor friends and their AMAZING pics on instagram from the ARC  Conference 😉

To keep moving forward, run this race well and not broken down we decided to fly above the storm. We could of gotten all caught up in drama and the very few people who are trying to start some division, instead we rose above it and focused on the others whose lives are being changed, that are advancing the Kingdom of God, fulfilling their purpose and destiny and are on  fire for Jesus and not trying to burn others. There are many more of those people!! We could of focused on how hard moving is, instead we chose to rise above and be thankful for the amazing opportunity that God placed before us. We could of gotten upset about things in the church breaking, instead we were thankful for the talented people we know that were able to fix it.

Part of my job is dealing with problems. People issues, business problems and facility problems. No matter what the situation is, I never figure out a solution if I allow myself to wallow in the problem. It never helps if I stoop down and get defensive or if I try and manipulate a situation or push my agenda. I know it doesn’t help because I am guilty of doing all of those things in the past.  But God has called me to rise above. My solution becomes clear when my altitude is higher than the storm, or how about when my attitude is higher than the storm. I can focus on how God wants me to respond or react when I am at an altitude where my atmosphere is clear. I can think better, see better and I feel better.

Storms are alluring, they can even be fun. But, hanging outside in them can be very dangerous. God has called you to rise above. To keep your atmosphere clear. That doesn’t mean things won’t break down, people won’t attack you or try to hurt you. It just means that when those things happen, they won’t stop you. You see if you will learn to fly above those storms, you can keep traveling on to your destination. You can rise above the situation you are in and figure it out. No good will come out of you staying on the same level as a problem or with the people that created it. Rise above! You are called to a higher place. Don’t let storms steal your destiny. Clear your atmosphere! Remember, when you are flying high and headed toward your destiny, there will always be people trying shoot ya down. Keep moving, you are too high for the arrows to reach you when you rise above!



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  1. In a moment where I found myself in a state of silence and put the pen down. I was lead to WordPress to find you 😍. This has inspired me so I thank God for you and your gifts. Your motivating me more than you know!

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