The Spot 

No matter what you do, there are those days that you think, “I just can’t do this anymore.” You know you will continue on, but you don’t exactly know how. That spot is the exact spot the enemy uses to fill your head with doubts. Like the ones that tell you that you are not strong enough, smart enough, nice enough, kind enough, experienced enough, spiritual enough, or whatever it may be. 

It is also the spot that the people who are jealous of you, don’t like you, or are just immature will also feed into that downward spiral of “not enough”. You will miraculously find out who doesn’t like you, who thinks you do everything wrong, who wants your postion, or just wants to see you suffer. 

It is also the spot where you start comparing yourself to others. Then you may even get jealous of them and the life you think they have. This is a dangerous thought process. 

It is the spot where you want to throw in the towel, give up, run away, quit, tell everyone off and let the chips fall where they may. 

It is the spot where nothing seems to go right. The spot no one could possibly understand. 

But, this can also be the spot that you quiet your soul and let God move. Usually this tough spot is so that God can show you that this life you lead is important and even though you can’t always see it, you are making a difference. This is the spot you realize that God picked you because He knows if you allow Him to use you, you can handle it.  This is the spot you realize that the enemy is fighting you because of the difference you are making. This is the spot where it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks, it matters what God thinks. This is the spot you realize people who are jealous of you, don’t like you or are just immature were once in the same spot you are in and just didn’t realize they were called to greatness so they didn’t quiet their soul and give it to God. 

You are strong enough, you can do this, there is greatness in you. Don’t throw in the towel, use it to dry your tears or wipe the sweat off your brow and keep going. Let this spot be your breakthrough, not breakdown.  


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  1. Thank you, Toni! I needed that today! Please pray for me to leave this wilderness of depression once-and-for-all! I love you in Jesus!


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