Drive On

Let me be honest, I am a rule follower! I assume that usually guidelines are there for a reason and are meant for protection. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t follow blindly and have been known to lead the way to change the rules.

So, when I started to learn how to drive I had no problem obeying the traffic laws. I didn’t want a ticket and I didn’t want to get into an accident. I learned very quickly I am one of the few people in the United States of America that abide by the traffic laws, or even know them for that matter. Constantly people would ride my rear end to try and get me to hurry up. At first it worked.

My dad gave me some of the best advice that I have ever gotten. I use it all of the time, not just when driving. Dad would ask me if I wanted to go as fast as I was going? Of course I would say no. Then he told me to quit letting the person behind me drive for me. He said “You are in the driver’s seat of this car, not them. Don’t let them push you into something they want you to do just because they are in a hurry and you have the good sense enough not to be.”

I had to learn to ignore people who drove like that and drive the speed I was comfortable with. This advice has popped into my head many times since then in many different areas. There are many times that people try and push me in the direction they want me to go. Maybe to make a certain decision, do things a certain way, or just push to be pushy.  The thing is, those people are not in control of my life, they are not driving me to my destiny and purpose.  I have learned to be confident of the decisions I make and the direction I am going. Sometimes that means I have to ignore the people in the rear view mirror trying to make me go how fast they want me to. I am no longer driven by the thoughts and opinions of others as to where I go, how I get there, what position I am in, what my title is, how I lead, or anything else that has to do with being in the driver’s seat of my life.  Here are some things I use to keep myself in check with this.. hope it helps you!

1. Know where you are going! If you don’t know where you are going or what your role is, it can become easier to allow others to push and pull you in different directions. Learn about yourself. What are your spiritual gifts? What passions did God put in your heart? Spend time with God and in His word and figure out where He is leading you!

2.  Chill! If I am in a hurry and someone comes up behind me in a hurry, I am more like to adjust to the speed they want me to go. If I am calm and have prioritized my life and my schedule so that I do not feel so rushed, I don’t make as many wrong decisions just trying to appease people. So, chill out! Be where you need to be and let the rest go.

3.  Be ok with people getting frustrated at you! As a leader, I have to make a lot of decisions that everyone may not like. I have to do what is best for my family, for Oasis Church and ultimately what I feel like God wants me to do. One thing is for certain, those decisions will not all be agreed with. In fact, a lot of them will make people mad, angry, frustrated and even jealous. I have to be ok with that. Their problem is their problem, not mine.  You have to be ok with it not being ok with everyone else. If not, you are putting them in the driver’s seat of your life.

(Galatians 1:10 )“Obviously, I’m not trying to win the approval of people, but of God. If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ’s servant.”

Christ set you free not so that you could be dominated by others, but so that you could be free to be His servant! Drive on!

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  1. Love this anology! Never even thought how we’ll this idea of people pushing you to drive faster works in life circumstances! I WILL remember this! Thanks!

  2. A word in season. I needed to hear and read those words of purpose. In this season of my life. As I reflect on your story my dad comes to mind and I struggle with his loss daily yet these words encourage me to drive on to my destined purpose. God bless you!

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