New Year, Better Me

I am one of those crazy people who set for myself a few resolutions every year. Nothing big, I learned a long time ago to set small goals that are possible and measurable or I will give up on them. For instance, we all know I am not going to work out an hour everyday. But I can start by trying to work out 30 minutes 3 days a week. I haven’t started my resolve to be a better me yet through resolutions, I am going to share the start of that with you today. We are in the middle of 21 days of prayer and fasting and I know what I want to change in 2015.  I don’t want to be a “new me”, I just want to be a better version of myself than I was last year. So here we go.. I resolve in 2015 to.. (in no particular order) 1) Improve My Posture!! I have terrible posture. Especially on days that I am sitting behind my desk all day. Long days of bad posture take a toll and cause me pain. Through being intentional about sitting up straight and starting a pilates routine, I hope to improve my posture dramatically! Plus, my husband will be able to quit telling me to sit up straight everyday! 2) Up My Skin Care Routine – As much as I hate to admit it, my skin has changed since being in my mid 30s and I have got to do a better job taking care of it! 3) Go for Timeless – I am one that believes as you get older there are just certain things you shouldn’t wear anymore. I have always been a somewhat trendy person, I intend to remain stylish and on point, but instead of buying a lot of trendy items.. I would rather spend that money on a few more expensive timeless pieces. I want to be a classy lady, not a 30 something trying way too hard to look younger. 4) Develop Me – I love to learn! This year I want to pick something specific about myself that I need more education about and develop myself! 5) Unplug – From 7pm until bedtime I want to “try” to unplug from social media, emails, etc. 6) Get closer to Jesus – I would put pray more, do more devotionals, read my Bible more.. but I think all of those things can be summed up with getting closer to Jesus and those are all ways to do that! What are some of your goals for becoming a better you?? e3173db39063aa864d0731461a8330dc

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  1. Those are great goals!! My goal is to find a devotional to accommodate/guide me through reading the entire bible this year (and complete it!) If you know of anything like this, please help a sista out! I saw a post on FB a few weeks ago about an online women’s group/devotional about this but did not write the name of the page and now I cannot remember which one it was?!?

    P.S. When you find a great skin regimen, let me know! I hit the big 3-0 this year and my mom has been telling me I need to find one! 😛

    1. I LOVE the “Jesus Calling” devotiona Bible. It is a great one to read through in a year. There is a cool reading plan on YoiVersion too, but I like books that I can hold better. (Old school)

      Right now I wash my face with philosphy purity and use yellow moisturizer fro Clinique. They are my all time favorites! Currently trying eye creams and skin renewing stuff… I will keep you posted!!! Thanks for commenting Carly!!!!

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