No Time To Whine!


I don’t know about you, but I want to be successful, I consider myself a go getter and want to accomplish as much as I can while having a great influence on others. But let’s be honest, there is certainly a price to pay to go from dreaming about that to achieving that!! There are some days that I don’t feel very successful and I have come to realize those were the days I seem to complain more! Instead of being a complainer, I want to be an achiever and I know the difference in that is all about my attitude!!

Here are some things I do to stay on the achievement road instead of the complaining road! (Not that I don’t take that detour from time to time! We are all works in progress, right!)

1. Keep my zone a no whining zone!! I must remember to guard my mouth and my heart! No good comes from complaining, in fact it is a complete waste of my time!

2.  Follow Through!! – Even though I LOVE to start a project, I must remember it is all about how well I finish. To achieve, I need to finish what I start!

3.  Change – People who are achievers know that to grow, we must be willing to change! I must not be so hard headed that I am not willing to learn new things and allow myself to grow!!

4.  Don’t be Helpless – There are times I would prefer someone rescue me! I must remember that I am not helpless!! Instead, I should search for solutions and realize I can overcome obstacles!!

5.  Fear Less – I must remember to tackle a problem head on! Don’t be afraid! Initiate, don’t wait!

6.  Take A Minute – Sometimes in the midst of conflict we want to complain about the person we are in conflict with. Instead, we should take a minute and try to see it from their view point, from their perspective. We always wish others knew how it felt to walk in our shoes, we should have that same empathy towards others.

7.  Start Doing – Ever talked about something till you are sick of it? Ever rehashed something so many times, it drives you crazy?? Yep, me too.. to the point I didn’t actually do anything about it. What about never doing something because of fear, doubt or worry?? The perfect moment for confrontation or to do something when it is completely safe will probably never come. Quit hashing it out, quit worrying and start doing!!

8.  Go a step farther – Achievers usually go the extra mile. Not only do they meet expectations, they intentionally try to exceed them.  Don’t settle for an acceptable solution, go for the best!

9. Great Expectations!! When you go at it with an attitude of an achiever expect to get great results!! Passion is contagious. Go all out, expect great things and you will influence others!

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