Elicit Greatness

Leadership is tough, no matter what you are leading. Whether you are leading a church, the nursery, your home, a fortune 500 company or an in- home business, it is HARD!  Some days that it is really hard for me is going to sound a little crazy…  the days I am not really needed!! I am a student of leadership, I want to be the best leader that I can be so I know the point of leadership is to pull the potential out of people. I get that and I love doing that! I am certainly one of those jump in and help adjust the sails type of leaders! But on the days that our team is hitting it on all cylinders and they don’t need me to jump in, it is hard for me not to jump in anyway.  It is hard to take on the mentality that the better you lead, the better leaders others will be. We all tend  to try and make people dependent on us so that we will be needed, instead of empowering people.  You don’t see a football coach out on the football field trying to do the quarter back’s job. He helps the quarterback, coaches the quarterback, but he does not do his job.  Leadership, coaching, mentoring is all about inspiring others, not doing their jobs for them. No one can be their best when you are being their best.

I do this with my son as well. I know the goal is to raise a young man that is only dependent on God and not on his mom. Yeah, I want him to consider me, love me, appreciate me and respect my opinions,  but as a grown man let’s face it – he won’t need his mom like his 11 year old self does.  It is hard to let one that was once dependent on me for absolutely everything to grow up, to gain independence. Part of me wants to hold on.  But to hold on, I know I would be holding back. To be a good mom and lead him well I have to let him grow in his independence.

Leadership is the same way. You may have people that at first need more of your time and attention. They need to learn and grow in their leadership and they may be more dependent on you than others. But, when the time comes.. we need to let them grow. God has deposited so much potential into each person.  As not just leaders, but Christians period it is our job to elicit greatness from people. God put the greatness there, it is not about us getting credit for someone else’s greatness. It is about us doing our part to ensure someone else sees that God wants to use them, that God has a plan for them.  The goal is not to get people to be spiritually or emotionally dependent on us.  At the end of the day, I want to have inspired people to be who God has called them to be! That may mean some days there is enough time in my world to sit and write a blog.



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