Make A Difference

I talk to many people all of the time that really want to make a difference. However, they seem to always feel that what they do is not important enough. In the name of “making a difference” they are really seeking fortune and fame.  Our culture has confused what really makes a difference in the life of others with the lives that we see celebrities living.  Many people are waiting on their claim to fame before they even begin to think about making a difference.  However, fame and fortune are not a requirement for making a difference. In fact, most people with fame and fortune do not use it as a tool to make a difference. Those that do were most likely making a difference before they got their fame and fortune.

The things needed to make a difference are much different than what we usually think. Humility, grace, compassion, love, mercy and generosity are just a few of the things needed to make a difference. These are things that money could never buy.  Instead of focusing on WHAT you need to make a difference, focus on WHO you need to be to make a difference. Don’t wait until you have enough money, the perfect job title or fame before you try to make a difference! Start making a difference by being the person God made you to be, and that is a difference maker!! It is who you were created to be!


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