Bend, Don’t Break



One of the things that I love about living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast are the Palm Trees. After hurricane Katrina, those were some of the only trees left standing. Most of the other trees were gone.  Today, the palms are still pretty and always remind me to be flexible.

I am a person that flourishes in having a plan and a pretty good amount of routine. Usually, I will be honest, summertime can cause a lot of stress for me. I love Ethan being out of school but it seems I always fight against myself about trying to create some type of summertime routine.  This summer was different, I decided that instead of  trying to create some kind of new routine for the summer I was going to be flexible and have the best summer ever.  In the past, trying to keep some kind of routine in the summer just about broke me. This year I realized that some of our summer time blues were simply because I wasn’t allowing flexibility in.

So.. it worked and this was the best summer ever!!! I took things as they came, did a ton of fun stuff with Ethan and just enjoyed the time that I had. Of course there was still office hours and lots of church stuff and guess what.. I was able to manage it all and have fun while doing it!! If I had not been bendy, I am sure I would of broke.

Sometimes instead of bending like a palm we stand strong and prideful like many other trees. When a storm comes or even just really strong winds those trees break, just like we do when things come against us. Being flexible allows room for growth, room for maturity and room for opportunities that God is trying to give.  It does not allow much room for being offended or getting your feelings hurt. Whether you are leading a home, a classroom full of kids or a boardroom, being flexible is something we all could benefit from.

Inflexibility tends to go along with stubbornness, arrogance, arduousness, conceit and self-importance. All of which are deeply rooted in pride.  We see ourselves as the center of the universe and can not always see the big picture or how things affect others. We base our decisions on our needs and ignore those needs of others.  Inflexibility can keep your from making right choices and decisions.

Flexibility is the willingness to be more open with all areas of your life. To be willing to be instructed and challenged. To be flexible, you must be willing to bend.  Being flexible has allowed my delight to be in the Lord and in my family this summer. Not in my schedules or plans. Being bendy has allowed me to be stretched and to grow.  Plans, goals, schedules, vision and management are all important and things necessary to be successful, but we also need to be willing to change.

So, as Ethan gets ready to go back to school tomorrow, I realize that I will certainly miss my summertime buddy! But just as the palm tree bends,  I will bend to this new season of having a 6th grader!!



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