Ever hear one of those songs that immediately makes you feel close to Jesus? “Oceans” by Hillsong is one of those for me. I almost have to pull over if it comes on while I am in the car. That song feels like the anthem of my heart! If you haven’t listened, go listen right after you read this post!!

Today, I want to talk about that one line, “Spirit, lead me where my trust is without borders.”

What have you not trusted Jesus with? We all say we trust him, but if we were honest, there are borders with that trust and certain areas of our lives we still control. There are certain boundaries we have that we are just not sure we want to give to God. Maybe we are scared, maybe we don’t think Jesus cares about that part of our life, or maybe we don’t want to give up control.

This border on your trust will only allow you to follow Jesus for so far. I want to have no borders on my trust so that wherever He leads or whatever He leads me to do, I will follow. If oceans rise, finances drain, frustrations come, people go, I want to have unwavering faith! That is also what I want for you! I want your trust in Jesus to have no limitations and no borders! We are His, He is our Savior, trust Him fully!!

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