Iron Sharpens Iron

My husband and I will be celebrating 15 years of marriage in May! It is unbelievable really, when I think about it.  Last night I was thinking about how much I really enjoy being married.  We got married pretty young, which truthfully I wouldn’t advise… but it did work for us. I know we are not the norm! But, I love having a best friend to do life with!

I think it worked for us because we were both determined to make it work!! I use to think something might be wrong with us because we didn’t seem to do everything in complete harmony like other couples (or how I thought other couples did it). But, as the years have went by I have realized that we have something way more special than that.

We have friction, we rub each other the wrong way all of the time. But, that is exactly what has made each of us better people. We each know that every single day, every single argument, every sickness, every issue.. we are going to choose each other. We choose each other over and over again. Because of that we are free to be ourselves, to share the truth with each other. We challenge each other every day to become better.  I know I am a better person because of him.

Because Jesus is the center of our marriage,  in our marriage Eric and I sharpen each other. That is biblical, just like iron sharpens iron.



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