New Year, New You, New Resolutions… yeah right. Why is it that we make all of these resolutions and commitments and never seem to keep them? I personally think it is because we are trying to leap across the Grand Canyon instead of just take a step at a time. I mean, think about it.. a lot of goals I hear are things like; “I am going to lose 20 lbs”, “I am going to keep my house spotlessly clean”, “we are not going to eat anything unhealthy”.

So, when we hop on the scales and we have only lost a few lbs – failure. When we swing through Sonic b/c there is no time before church to cook- failure. When our home does not stay spotlessly clean b/c we live there and we are actually fun moms sometimes – failure.

What to do? We know that we need to change some things in our lives, I mean if nothing changes then nothing changes. So, start with step goals. Something that you are actually willing to take the first step towards!!

Like, I want to lose 2lbs a week. (Nobody panic, I am not trying to lose weight, just an example people!)  I am going to keep my house organized. I am going to try to cook at home at least 3 to 4 nights a week.  I am going to start a simple exercise routine. Enroll in a few college classes. Pick goals that move you to the ultimate goal, but make it a journey that you are willing to walk not a cliff that you are about to jump off of!!

Need even more help?? I encourage you to come to Wednesday night at Oasis! My husband is starting a new series called “Five”!! Take a step, come to church!


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