On the last day of each year I think the majority of us reflect on the year we are leaving behind. I thing about the trials and triumphs, the challenges and the blessings. My mind always drifts to my son. It is a miraculous thing to watch a child grow and change. It seems that growth doesn’t come without change. Everything that grows changes in some way or another. My son is certainly not the little infant I brought home over 11 years ago!

Sometimes change is fun and exciting. Sometimes it is scary and challenging. I don’t know about you, but with each new year I always feel God is bringing change. This year I am welcoming that change because I know it brings growth. You see no matter what challenges, blessings, trials or triumphs that come I know that no one can take away the HOPE that God has given. So on this last day of 2013, no matter what trials you have, what dreams that you didn’t pursue, what fears you are dealing with or what change you know is coming, I pray that you are filled with HOPE and that no matter what happens you remain hopeful through Christ!

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