Romans 8:28 is my absolute favorite scripture! Anytime anything happens in my life that I don’t understand I hold on to and believe this verse! I also believe that there is power in believing it!!

Most everyone knows the health issues that I have had over the past year and half.  10 procedures, months of a liquid diet, a few trips to the ER for emergency xrays, depression, medical bills.. ya’ll get the point. There were moments that were truly awful! Through each moment this was the verse I claimed over and over. There were a few procedures where no progress was made, still I said that verse over and over. I decided to trust God even when I couldn’t see the results, even when depression hit me –  I refused to let it take me over.  I believed that somehow God would turn this thing that was  meant to cause destruction in to something good.

I had several issues that caused all of my issues 😉 And, I am being treated for those issues, and the treatment is working. I could tell you what those issues are, but I haven’t been “officially diagnosed” b/c the biopsies are coming back negative. My dr. still believes these  health issues are real for me, and I am responding well to the treatment for some allergy condition, which is cool. However, I am believing that whatever this is has just been temporary. That God is using these Drs to get me on a path to being healthy, and I am not claiming anything except healing.   I believe that whatever this is doesn’t belong to me.

On that note, I got a great report from the Dr. last week!! If I continue to not have any problems, then I don’t go back to see him for another 3 months. That would be at least 6 (maybe more) months since I would of had a procedure!! I haven’t been choked since August of 2012 and I can eat whatever I want now!! (except carbonated beverages, which is a good thing anyway) For me, this is incredibly GOOD!! I also realized I didn’t take very good care of myself and that was a GOOD thing to realize. I am the healthiest I could possibly be right now, which is GOOD. I realized how thankful I am for my life, I am so blessed and that is GOOD. There is so much GOOD that has come out of all of this, I can’t even type it all.  Will I still struggle with this health stuff again? Maybe. Will I have more procedures? Probably. Will God still turn it in to GOOD for me? YES!!

I don’t know what you are dealing with. It could be health issues, mental health issues, financial problems, relationship issues…

Whatever it is, don’t give in, don’t give up. Even if you can’t see the results, even if it feels like nothing will ever change.. hang on to God, hang on to His Word!! Keep believing that God can turn all things into GOOD for those that believe and are called according to His purpose! We all have a purpose in Him!


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  1. Thanks Toni for your encouraging words, I too have had health issues this year, melanoma cancer. Also going every 3 mos usually having another mole removed some have been fine some not so good. Praise the Lord I had a Pet Scan a few weeks ago and it was normal. As Eric said in his message Sunday, when you truly seek peace in Gods word you will find it.(Laura’s paraphrasing) God will speak to you through difficult situations, IF we seek to find answers by reading the scriptures. Like most things sometime it doesn’t happen right away but be steadfast and He will not let you down.

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