Growth, something that is talked about a lot in Christian circles. We even call our Wednesday night gatherings at Oasis, GROW. I personally believe that if you aren’t growing, there is no where that you are going. Growth means the process of increasing in physical size, maturation; development.  We all need to grow in every area of our lives. I wonder how many of us actually try to develop the skills that we use in our careers or are we just complacent? Do we try to improve? How about social skills, all of us could work on our communication skills!! Living things grow! Growth propels you to go forward, reach farther! How about our spiritual lives? I hear a lot of people say, “I just don’t feel like I am growing like I should be in my relationship with God, like when I was first saved”.  It is simple, in the beginning of our walk with Christ we are hungry, so we eat more and grow faster. As time passes we let our hunger diminish, thus the growing is halted.

Our growth is our responsibility. Take ownership of your own development. The lazy way out ends up in malnourishment. What needs to be developed in your life? Grow it. I personally hope to be a life long learner! I want to develop into the person God has called me to be, because that is who I really am. Is it easier to not grow? I guess some would say it is, but being stuck, stale and not moving forward is not my idea of a good time!!

It is never too late!! Take responsibility for yourself and the things in your life that need to “grow up”!! If you want to grow your spiritual life… GET HUNGRY for the things of God!! d77cd6efbaf73710dae974ad8c9b7aae

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