Kings & Queens

As a little girl, I enjoyed watching all of the Disney movies!! I think all little girls want to be a Disney princess and find their prince charming. Once we get married and move on to being Queens and Kings, something kind of crazy happens. Somewhere along the way, we think we deserve to be the Queen. We think that we should be treated like royalty.  Kids, jobs, chores.. and if not careful we get bitter.  We listen to those around us that are already bitter, talking bad about their husbands, complaining about their lives, and some of that rubs off on us.  Instead of remembering that in order to be a Queen – there must be a King, we want to be the only ones on a throne wearing a crown.  I am not saying be subservient, but I am saying be a servant.  If you are demeaning your husband, complaining to and about him, never content, never happy, always annoyed at him then do not be surprised if you get treated like the ugly stepsister instead of the Queen.  However, if you will choose to be the Queen that honors her husband, respects him, nurtures him, loves him, and creates an atmosphere of peace.. don’t surprised if he is willing to give up his entire kingdom for you! Notice, I said “CHOOSE”. You won’t feel like doing all of those things all of the time. But, if you will choose to do them anyway, you will change your whole marriage.  Don’t wait for him to be the King that deserves a Queen like you, be the Queen God has called you to be! Men need to feel respected and honored as much as women need to feel loved.  That is why women are so tempted to nag. Nothing makes a man feel more defeated than a nagging wife. It makes him feel like he can do nothing right! Marriage is a wonderful thing! Adam had a problem,  a woman was the solution.  I don’t want to follow in Eve’s footsteps and bring my husband down, I want to build him up! When we decide to have a selfless marriage, God honors that and miracles begin to happen!! Women, you want to be your husband’s best friend and biggest confidant, be a woman he can trust with his heart by honoring him.  Men, you want to be a man your wife respects and adores, LEAD and LOVE well.


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