Happy Birthday to my Hubby!!




So, today my husband is 35!!! Of those 35 years we have been married for 14 1/2 and have been a part of each other’s lives for almost 18 years.  That bottom left picture above is of us in highschool. Obviously, being together so long and since such a young age we have been through a lot. A lot of very hard times and a lot of great times!!

Birthdays to me are a celebration of life and we love to celebrate!  I want to celebrate my husband because no matter how hard our times were, I couldn’t imagine not having him there with me.  We have grown up together, have no secrets from each other and know each other better than anyone in the world! I can truly say that it is such a comfort being married to a man that always tries to do the right thing, that understands the importance of integrity, that is trustworthy, ambitious and has always made sure his wife and son are provided for.  I am so glad that 35 years ago God brought Eric Camp into the world. I know when he did, he must of been thinking about the little girl that would be born a short 2 weeks later.

Happy Birthday Eric Camp!! I love you with all my heart and from deep within my soul!

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