Back to School

This summer with my son, Ethan, has been one of my favorites.  He is 10 and pretty much LOVES to be wherever his dad is. However, this summer he and I got some quality bonding time that made my heart smile.  We had the opportunity to hitch a ride with my and aunt and cousin to Disney World ( my most favorite place). I will never forget the looks on his face the entire trip. Our last night there the fireworks had ended and we closed our trip riding Aladdin’s Magic Carpet. He said a simple, “Thanks Mom, I will never forget this.” That moment will be etched into my memory forever.  I am forever grateful for the moments I have with my son, even the moments that are difficult.

I had a difficult moment this morning. Today was my son’s 3rd day of public school and 3rd day of 5th grade. As we pulled in, we were early and there were a bunch of kids outside waiting for the doors to open. He saw a bunch of his friends and wanted out. I, the rule follower, told him that he was not suppose to get out until the doors opened, that is what the handbook said ( as cars let their kids out and went around me). I got the “seriously mom” look and the long drawn out “MOOOOOMMMM”. So, reluctantly I let him out and drove away, wanting very badly to have that moment back on Aladdin’s Magic Carpet.

But, as I drove I realized that just those few steps from the car to his friends were steps of independence, steps of growing up. He is an amazing kid, who is very determined. Truthfully, I wish I had been more like him as a kid. He rarely worries what other people think.  He chooses his friends very wisely. So, I know that there will be many steps that hurt my heart a little, but that also at the same time make me the proudest mom in the whole world. For these steps are just the beginning of an amazing journey of  God’s great plans for my son.