Inattentional Blindness

In one of the counseling courses I am taking, this term came up, “inattentional blindness“. It is also referred to as perceptual blindness. It is categorized as a psychological lack of attention and is not associated with any vision defects or deficits. This hit me pretty hard. I realized instantly when studying this how often I am guilty of having inattentional blindness. It is not that I don’t care, or I am not concerned, but I become blind or have a lack of attention to certain things. Especially things that I take for granted or that I am use to seeing.

A good example would be our church. I work in the office almost everyday there. It has become a place I am very use to. So, I may not notice the stain on the carpet, how tacky a handwritten sign may look, or how it may or may not be as welcoming as it once was. To cure this type of blindness, I have to realize I have it first and then pay attention. Maybe even change my perception. Once in a while I should pull in to our parking lot with the perception of a first time guest. I should pay attention to every detail. The trick is to be intentional about doing things like that!

How about a little closer to home… like home. Sometimes we become most blind to the needs of those we are closest to. I know I have to pay more attention to those in the same room with me. What are they going through? How do they need me to help them? What can I do for them? Maybe, I need to change my perception… how do they see me as a wife and mom, not just a pastor’s wife?? Do they perceive that I put the problems of others ahead of their problems? That couldn’t be farther from the truth, but what is their perception? Because maybe I am blind to it.

What about at work? Are you blind to the way the boss sees you? Your co-workers? The things that need to be done better? The things you need to delegate?

What about this beautiful world that our Creator has made? Sometimes, a lot of times, I am very guilty of not paying attention and not taking in all of the beauty around me. Sometimes I am blind to the fun I could be having or the enjoyment of this life I could be having. Could it be that I can be a workaholic and just get blind to that fact??

Just some thoughts.. what have you become inattentionally blinded to?

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