Have A Fruity Day!

I have a little patio garden going and much to my surprise it is coming along quite nicely. I have never really had a green thumb, but I have strawberries, banana peppers, bell peppers and tomatoes. My dad was over the other day showing me about the “suckers” on my tomato plants. I had no idea about these little pesky things. Suckers will grow in between branches. If you don’t pinch them off, they will grow and become their own branches. They will take nutrients and grow, but will produce no fruit!!! It just drains the rest of the plant from perfectly good nutrition.

Well, the process of pinching off these suckers the other day made me think about people. Uh oh, yeah.. I am going there. I know a lot of people that hook themselves up to someone else’s branch and drain as much from them as possible, but never produce any fruit of their own. They may drain others emotionally, financially or in many other ways.  I see it in church as well. People come, want to be served and cared for but yet never take a place to serve or help anyone else.  You see the picture now, SUCKERS!  I believe that helping people is what God wants us to do. But investing so much in someone that never seems to do anything with it, that never produces any fruit but just drains you is not helping anyone. It also makes the whole plant suffer, the whole family, and the whole body of Christ.  Healthy things are productive. Unhealthy things suck up all the nutrients and just get bigger with nothing productive happening. I have had a lot of suckers in my life, it was hard pinching them off, but I had to. There were so many other people that needed investing in that would produce fruit.  You may have some suckers in your life that are draining you, you need to pray that God would give you wisdom and show you what to do.  Relationships should be life-giving to all parties involved in some way or another.

Now, if you are a sucker.. it’s time to start learning to be a giver!! Are you always trying to see what people can do for you? Are you always trying to get people to give you things? Do you get your feelings hurt when people are not giving you the attention you think they should?  Are you always looking for ways that others can meet your needs? You may be a sucker! God has bigger plans for you than that! He wants you to produce some major life-giving fruit! Seek Him today, you can gain all you need from Him so that you can reach out to others!!

Have a fruity day!!


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