Weekend Review

This weekend was insane!! We had our Savour Sisterhood Spring Fling, which was amazing! i was pouring over prayer requests today from it and my heart was so encouraged hearing about all of the ways the message impacted all of these awesome women! A ton of work goes into those events, but seeing and hearing how it changed them and the relationships that were built is priceless!! We talked about expecting great things! It was a very powerful night!! I was meeting with a lady this week that came to Savour and she said that she was coming for counseling, but being at Savour took care of that!! Whoa!! That makes my heart full! 

Sunday, my husband continued his message series, “Altar Ego” talking about offense. Oh my, this really got me. I wish I could say I never got offended, but truth is I get offended all of the time.  Man, this message made me realize that I don’t want to live in the bondage of taking offense anymore!! I have gotten better about it over the years, but this is an area I really want freedom in!  Not everyone is going to like me, agree with me, support me or just do the right things!! I should not take it personally!! Forgive and move on.. live and let live in freedom! If you missed this message, you can catch it HERE!


I have been working in fast forward mode all week and it is tough to put the breaks on and slow down a bit! Working on a message for Wednesday night about the Power of Peace…. on time for my life!! Hope it is for yours as well!! 

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