Feeling a little under appreciated…

Ever felt overwhelmed and under appreciated? I am sure you have, more often than not. No matter what you do, it seems to never be enough. Someone else may do one little thing and get recognized and bragged on, but you go unnoticed. Your efforts, your prayers, your support… Do they even matter? I was kind of talking ( or complaining) to God about this today and felt him gently admonish me to quit trying to please everyone. You see, He reminded me that people are human. They are sometimes bragging on others for the wrong reasons, or can’t see beyond themselves to appreciate you. Whatever the reason, if you are doing what you are doing as unto them instead of as unto The Lord you are doing it for the wrong reasons anyway. I can’t depend on others to help me feel fulfilled, only God can fulfill me. I have to be the person God wants me to be and do the right things for His glory, not mine. In fact, if I would just get me off my mind I wouldn’t be so concerned about my feeling of being neglected. Those feelings that are all about me, myself and I are just really blocking what God is wanting me to accomplish today! So, I encourage you… God sees, He knows, He loves!! Get yourself off your mind, do things for the glory of God and be underwhelmed by your negative internal thoughts!!

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  1. That was just incredible! Very insightful, helpful, and spot-on. Thank you for posting your thoughts and what The Lord showed you. You have blessed me today!

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