Yesterday, we started a new series, “13th Floor” which is about Fear!! It was an amazing message titled, “Fear or Fear Not”. It has me thinking this morning about all of the opportunities I have had throughout my whole life to fear or fear not.  My husband mentioned yesterday that I really struggled with fear when I was younger.  This fear that I struggled with was of anything demonic. It begin when I was a little girl at church. The pastor would constantly talk about demons.. all the time! Once he was talking about the mark of the beast and was very explicit, even using me as an example. Something about cutting off children’s fingers if their parents didn’t take the mark. Can I say.. TRAUMATIC!! Anyway, the fear that I picked up there I carried with me in to young adulthood. I never mentioned it to my parents, not sure why!! My  husband noticed it when we first married b/c I would not even walk into a dark room. He called my dad and my parents came over.  My dad walked through our home,  prayed over it and me!! I was instantly delivered from that fear. I never struggled with it again!! It was so ridiculous.

Looking back, I realize part of the reason the fear developed was because I didn’t realize the power that I was given through Christ. I had no idea what God had made me capable of.  Going through what I have recently with my health issues I could have really gotten fearful. But, I now know of the power within me. I know the reason I am still alive is because the same power that raised Christ from the dead is in me. God has a plan for me and fear will only get in the way. I don’t have time for it.

I think even as children the enemy knows that God has great plans for us. If satan could of kept me in fear, I may not be living out God’s call in my life today.  I don’t know what fills you with fear.. being alone, death, public places, spiders, planes. But, I do know a God that does not want you to be a slave to fear. He wants you to live in FREEDOM. I  encourage  you to connect with someone, let them pray with you about your fear and be sure to not miss this series “13th Floor” that is breaking the bondage of fear.

If you missed yesterday’s message, you can check it out here:  http://vimeo.com/50986867


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