Lessons from a 4th Grader!

3 weeks and my little guy will be back in school! Well, I say little.. he has grown a ton this summer. I can not believe I have a 4th grader on my hands!! I have really enjoyed being able to spend time with him over the summer. He has so much to say and I got the chance to really stop and listen. It is amazing the things that he comes up with! I am really astounded by the young man that I already see in him! I am even more grateful that this kid loves the church. He is the biggest fan of Oasis, which I can not even describe to you as a pastor’s wife how that makes me feel!!! He also loves his family!! He loves to plan family outings and time together at home. He helped me realize this summer that some of my priorities have been pretty out of whack!!  Those things that are the most important to him, are also the most important to me!! I have been able to readjust and it has resulted in a much happier home and life!

We are our children’s greatest influence, but if you stop long enough to listen and watch the life of a child… they can teach us a few things too! He may never know that the moment he was born he changed my life forever and continues to everyday.

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