Failure to Communicate

Communicate: to convey knowledge of or information about: make known / to reveal by clear signs / to transmit information, thought or feeling so that it is satisfactorily received or understood.

I love to communicate to groups of people. If you had known me in speech class in college you would have thought very differently. God has certainly done that work in my life.

Communicating individually  is a little difficult for me however, especially to those closest to me. It has and is causing some serious issues in my life. It comes from a root of not wanting to disappoint people. I try too often to be agreeable and I do not really communicate clearly how I really feel about things. It causes me to be very frustrated with myself and other people. They are not going to read my mind! Also, they get use to me being so agreeable that if I do stand up for myself or disagree with them, it is shocking to them and they are quick to take offense. My fault, I should be a better communicator. If people get upset b/c I disagree with them or won’t do what they want me to, that then would be their problem.

Not wanting to disappoint people is a dangerous trap of people pleasing, which can lead to not pleasing God. I don’t know if anyone else struggles with this, but I am convicted of not communicating clearly. My thoughts, opinions, and ideas are important and I can’t expect anyone else to treat them that way if I don’t.  Everyone can convey their ideals honorably, but as leaders we must be clear communicators. As husbands, wives, parents and friends… we must be clear communicators. !

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