3 Things


3 things I am going to work on!

1. LIVE: I love my life, having said that, I don’t always live it to the fullest. God has given us a wonderful world to live in and I truly want to live it up for Him. I want to be a person that is full of life!! After all, He wants me to have life abundantly.

2. LOVE: I want my life to be full of love. I want to it to overflow with random acts of kindness, encouragement, support, grace and joy. I want to have a passion for this life and for it to come out in the form of love!

3.  LEAD: I know that God has called me to lead, what I get confused about is how He wants me to do that. I am convinced that if I can do better with these first 2 things, I will be leading the way He wants me to.

What about  you? What is God dealing with you about?

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